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Quick response to clicnts' enquiries within 12hrs


Tailor-made solition provided by our exeperienced team and professional engineers for lithium polymer battery


More than 12 years experience in producing battery products for various application.


Value quality and long-term cooperation to reach win-win relationship.

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Ningbo Great Power Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded in the year of 2014.
And our company is a strongest and credible competitively battery packed with production bases in China,which has an excellent reputation around the world.We have been specializing in dealing with all kinds of battery packed in different areas for our customers and clients such as polymer li-Ion battery,18650 li-ion battery type,cylindrical battery,Li-FeS2 battery,Li-FePo4 Battery,Li-MnO2 battery,Ni-MH battery etc.
Our products can be used in Low Speed Scooters,Energy Storage,Households Energy Storage,Solar Street Lights,Marine Energy Storage,Outdoor Backup Battery,RV Energy Storage,AGV AMR,Forklift,Special EV,Home Battery,Marine Boat,Golf Cart,Starter Battery and Home UPS etc.

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