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Are soft-pack polymer lithium batteries easy to explode?

The soft-pack polymer lithium battery is safer because it uses a solid electrolyte, which will not leak and explode, but will only expand.

Reasons for swelling of soft-pack polymer lithium batteries:

1. The internal chip of the battery is damaged due to the poor quality of the battery or the end of the battery life.
2. Use inferior chargers to cause overcharging and damage the cells
3. The battery has been left for a long time, resulting in a low voltage bulge
So don't play with your phone while charging, don't use fake chargers, don't charge at high temperatures
The root cause of the battery explosion is overheating. As a microchemical reaction space, the battery itself is very sensitive to temperature requirements. When the temperature is too high, its chemical reaction will be accelerated, and in severe cases, it will lead to explosion. In fact, mobile phones are all With a safety mechanism, the system will protect itself when the temperature exceeds a certain value to achieve the purpose of cooling.
At present, there are many places where soft-packed polymer lithium batteries can be accessed, but there are not many accidents. Therefore, the current battery technology is relatively reliable, and normal batteries are safe under normal use. As long as the soft-packed polymer lithium battery does not come into contact with water or is damaged, the substances inside do not come into contact with the air, and do not store in dangerous situations such as excessively high temperatures, the battery is safe