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What are the applications and functions of Polymer Li-Ion Battery?

Polymer Li-Ion Battery (English: lithium polymer, abbreviation: Li-Po), also known as polymer lithium battery, polylithium battery, is a kind of lithium ion battery. Lithium-polymer batteries usually use several identical parallel secondary cells to increase the discharge current, or several battery packs (packs) in series to increase the available voltage.
Although lithium-polymer batteries are often referred to as lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries, they are not exactly the same in a strict sense. Lithium battery refers to a lithium primary battery, which contains pure lithium metal and is one-time use and non-rechargeable.
The most competitive feature of lithium-polymer is that lithium-polymer batteries can almost be made into various shapes. Such characteristics make him occupy a place in the pursuit of thin and short mobile phone manufacturing.

Air gun players are also gradually switching to lithium-polymer batteries, because lithium-poly not only can shape freely, but also provides a higher ejection rate.